Dave Winer

I wrote what I thought made some kinda bizzare sense with regards to the VT shooting and Mr. Important Dave Winer left a comment calling me a “Total moron.”

Jeez.  I’m entitled to write what I think, Dave.  I keep forgetting you’ve invented nearly everything with regards to the internet.  I should have got your permission. 

I didn’t call you a name, Dave.  I could have.  I could have said you’re ugly and old with an ego that’s out of control.  I could have called you a fatso coder who got lucky.  I could have called you a sexist who’d like a chick to bring you a sandwich while you’re optimizing one of your five servers.

I could have but I didn’t.


PS-You are indirectly the cause of the VT massacre.  You invented blogging (or so you’d like to believe).  Cho was blogging.  You’re like Dr. Frankenstein.  Your creation was wasn’t used for the good of mankind.  Oh Lord! 


One Response to “Dave Winer”

  1. Janice Sturgil Says:

    Go get ’em Theodore!
    He is a fatso.

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